Farmed fish - why we are different

At Plymouth Springs Fish Company, we practice sustainable fish farming in a natural pond setting utilizing the ice cold Wisconsin spring waters that flow from the earth into our ponds. Our farmers live on the farm and tend to the fish multiple times per day. We do not over crowd our fish and feed them an all natural premium product. With constant care, our fish enjoy these cold clean waters and are never exposed to herbicides, pesticides or harmful chemicals found in many of our lakes, rivers and oceans. 

our people

Darrick Magee

Darrick has the fish farm is his blood. Literally. Our Plymouth, Wisconsin farm has been in Darrick's family since the early 1950's. Darrick is our team leader and farm manager for each location as well as responsible for our HACCP certified processing facility, sales and all farm projects. Darrick has a wonderful team but also is a work horse himself. At the end of the day, Darrick has a tremendous responsibility and has built an excellent team. Based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Darrick spends much of his time bouncing between our farms and ensuring all is running smoothly. In all of his free time (kidding Darrick) you can find him spending time with his brand new baby or occasionally on one of the many golf courses that surround him. 

Scott Cooper

A graduate of Lake Superior State University, Scott is a super talented guy that works his butt off. Scott has the rare combination of brains and brawn. His ability to anticipate problems and suggest solutions is invaluable. He is a pleasure to be around and is a natural born leader. Bottom line: the kid was just raised right! We are lucky to have him living at our Plymouth, Wisconsin farm. When he is not hatching, feeding, harvesting, processing or delivering fish, Scott has been known to hop the ferry from Manitowoc to Ludington, Michigan (his hometown) and mix it up in the Gus Macker Basketball tournament. He also loves the outdoors, guns, fishing, restoring old cars and hanging out with his better half, Rachel!


Luke Bradburn

Another Lake Superior State University grad, Luke has an in depth knowledge of aquaculture and a work ethic to match. Luke has taken to our Westfield location like a fish to .... nevermind. Another great attitude that anyone would want on their team, Luke always has a positive outlook even in the darkest of moments. As our newest member, he has fit right into our culture and we hope to have him on our team for a long time. Luke and his wife Jennie live in the farmhouse at our Westfield, Wisconsin farm and welcomed their first child just after getting settled into their new home! 

Rachel Frey

Growing up Rachel helped her father run a boat dock on the coast of North Carolina. After graduating from Lake Superior State University, Rachel joined Scott in this adventure of living on a running a fish farm. While the ocean still has her heart, her skills have proven to work just as well in a freshwater hatchery. Rachel has proven to be a fantastic team member who is willing to jump in and do whatever is needed for the day. With a positive attitude and the ability to 'tell it how it is', Rachel is a key ingredient to our success. When she is not at the farm, she is likely somewhere near the ocean.