Farmed fish - why we are different

At Plymouth Springs Fish Company, we practice sustainable fish farming in a natural pond setting utilizing the ice cold Wisconsin spring waters that flow from the earth into our ponds. Our farmers live on the farm and tend to the fish multiple times per day. We do not over crowd our fish and feed them an all natural premium product. With constant care, our fish enjoy these cold clean waters and are never exposed to herbicides, pesticides or harmful chemicals found in many of our lakes, rivers and oceans. 



Plymouth Springs Fish Co is managed by a highly talented and experience group.  Our lead farm manager is Benjamin Sasse, a University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point graduate. Ben spent several years working for the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources managing rainbow trout hatcheries. Ben and his wife Kayla live and work on the farm and are responsible for overall fish health, hatching, grading, harvesting and processing of our fish. Our sales manager Darrick Magee is responsible for all of our wonderful customers. Darrick also works on many of our farm improvement projects throughout the year.



The farmhouse was built in the early 1900s, It serves at the home base for farm managers and is often available for rent in the summer during Road America events. Just behind the farm house is a fully stocked fishing pond that is not used in the commercial fish operation.