Our HIstory

Established in 1955, the Plymouth springs trout farm was originally known as the Walter Meyer farm until the mid 1900s. Meyer sold to the successful mink farmer Orlando Thiel. Theil and the well-known conservationist Ben Winton utilized the plentiful spring water on the property to build the crystal blue springs trout farm in the early 1950’s. These two made responsible use of a natural resource that has been flowing since the time of the Wisconsin Glacier (Glaciation) over 10,000 years ago.

Many improvements to the farm were led by Orlando’s son Dennis “Butch” Theil. Orlando eventually sold the farm to his daughter and son-in-law Linda and Gordon Krepsky. Linda and Gordy ran a successful operation for about 15 years until selling to an entrepreneurial couple from Ohio with a passion for clean, healthy, traceable food. Plymouth Springs Fish Co. added a second location near Madison, WI built by Jenny and Chuck Anderson. With a 35 year old smoking recipe, a HACCP licensed processing facility and a team of aquatic biologists, Plymouth Springs Fish Co. is able to deliver fresh fish to local restaurants and grocery stores throughout the state of Wisconsin as well as ship anywhere in the US.