• High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids (DHA & EPA)

• Raised without antibiotics or hormones.

• Farmed in low-density (meaning “non-cramped“) Pools of cold spring water

• Pools are not treated with synthetic herbicides.

• Fish are fed a more natural diet (Does not include genetically-modified plants)

Smoked rainbow trout

Our recipe for smoking has been perfected by our founders over the past 35 years we have been smoking. The quality of our fresh fish going into the smoker accounts for the incredible taste. We can be safe and consistent with our commercial smoker from Pro Smoker made right in Iron Ridge, Wisconsin.

FRESh fillets

Farm to table! Swimming today then on your plate in 2-3 days! From egg to fry to market ready fish, our fish never leave the farm. Fish are pulled from the water and processed the same day with our processing equipment from Pisces Fish Machinery. We deliver direct to consumer, select restaurants and specialty markets.